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Tail Trends is a Los Angeles-based, dog lovers’ pet project!  At the helm of the Tail Trends team is designer, Laura Millman, an artist who revels in sewing, crafting, and sharing silly pictures of her two amazing Boston Terriers, Buster and Momo!  As requisite dog lovers, our team shares helpful tips and hilarious stories amongst one another about our own fur babies, and that’s what we strive to do with you! However, our main goal is creating adorable no-fuss accessories that look like clothing, such as bandanas, menswear sliders, stoles, collar cozies, and more.

Tail Trends believes that all dogs should β€œMake Your Mark.” We want all dogs to show the world how special they are by wearing our comfortable, trendy, and fashion-forward outfits.  We believe that cute is not only on the outside, by more importantly, it’s the ineffable sweetness and love that resides within our furry friends.  Our eclectic and broad range of style is perfect for styling for all those divas and darlings, cowboys and rockstars, who have larger-than-life personalities.