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I take my dog walking three times a day, so that he can do his business around the neighborhood. Just watching him sniff and turn, I already know, instinctively, when to pull the poop bag out because I know that he has zeroed in and is going defecate. It’s just a ritual that has been hardwired into all canines, one that’s so integral to their being that it seems essential to his survival. If you look into the reasons behind their sniffing tendencies, you’ll see how canines truly rely on smell to communicate.

With a whiff of urine, your dog can tell how many dog have been there, how long ago, and if there’s a female in heat nearby. If you’ve noticed your dog nosing around into a pile of feces, he’s trying to discern what foods other dogs have eaten and, more importantly, if there’s danger around. This is because a dog’s anal glands will act up when they are scared and stressed. Essentially, your dog is ascertaining the three most important things to their survival, which are (1) mates, (2) food, (3) and potential danger.

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